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Since you arrived at this site, you might as well explore it, maybe you'll find something useful.
Use the Menu in the top left corner. :-)

This site (and my other personal sites are best viewed with Firefox, and a screen resolution at 1650x1080px or greater.
I have done my best to make them look good in IE8 and Chrome ≥5, as well as they are viewable down to 800x600px.
IE≤7 is not supported! And things might be out of place, if you use IE≤7, grab a free upgrade from Microsoft.
IE<9 users won't get the full experience as any version of IE below 9 has no support for CSS3. To be honest I haven't even tried IE9, is it any good? I am too cheap to spend money on Windows Vista / Windows 7. ;-) I use Linux on my server and workstation, and I have a WindowsXP rig, which only has IE8, thank you Bill Gates for slowly killing your best OS ever. BTW, have you read my guide to secure WindowsXP? It's a must if you are using WinXP.

You can turn off Javascripts on my sites, I don't use that stuff, well.. It's a lie, I do use a little of the JQuery but my sites are fully functional with js turned off, except for my contact info... I don't use any Flash content, except for a few games, which you can find on this site. Some people loves Flash, I am not one of them.

In case you don't already know it, I am using Firefox with the Adblock+ and NoScript addons.
I even wrote my own filtersets for Adblock. They are not meant to cover the whole Internet, other people has writen filtersets that covers that and they do a great job. Kudos to those. I am only writing filtersets for the sites that I visit often, but generally Easylist covers my needs.

I don't like cookies unless they are covered in chocolate, so I don't accept them when a site tries to force them down my throat, sometimes I even gets upset. >;(
Normally I will leave a site right away if wants to put a cookie in my jar even before it has showed me what else it has to offer. It probably didn't have any content of interest anyway. Sites do not need to keep track of me, I am entitled to some privacy, if I wanted to register on the particular site, then by all means, let it set a cookie, so it can remember me...
This is why I don't use them my self, and if I do, then you can be sure that I will tell you about it before I try to force them down your throat :-)

There are really many websites, that wants to set a cookie +10 tracking cookies before you even gets to view the page. Have you looked in your cookie jar lately?
Most, if not all browsers can be configured to ask you if the site you visit may put a cookie in your jar, and they even has an option to block 3rd party cookies... Neat!
If you are using the stock n' standard configuration in your browser, I suggest you change the cookie handling settings in your browser and gets your self a spyware removal tool, such as adaware.

Remember that neither Google, Facebook and other social-sites aren't your friends, don't tell them everything about your self.

Ok enough about that, tho I could go on for hours...
Here is a few lines of whats on this site.. Hell nevermind, use the explore menu, it's there for a reason ;-)

There are still a few things ToDo on these pages:

  1. Add a few more war based Flash Games
  2. Make some content for this frontpage
  3. Fix the new 404 page
  4. Some more, there is always something else...

P.S. If you like the background image, feel free to make a copy, I am sure you know how to.