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Enigma: Rising Tide

Jesper's Single Player Tips.

Surface Ship Missions:

Mastering the art of steering a Corvette is hard, but you've got to pull yourself through the 3 Corvette missions; Then you will be promoted to a Destroyer Escort, with a lot more firepower.

If you are having problems with hitting anything with depth charges, you can simply ram the enemy subs. (This bug/flaw was later addressed in the retail edition, with the improved AI).

Remember to use your binoculars as often as possible so you can see which direction the subs are going and so you can see from where and how incoming torpedoes are coming at you, manually torpedo evasion is safer than relying on your crew.

Usually you would never approach a sub head on because that's where it has most of it's torpedo tubes, but if you have guts, and don't mind getting sunk a couple times, I recommend it with the corvette missions. It takes time to master the art of evasion, sailing in and out a salvo of incoming torpedoes, but when you manage this fine art, you won't have any problems chasing down enemy subs from any direction, either to ram it or drop some depth charges, or even drop a few hedgehogs right on top of it.

AI subs won't fire at you until you're within the 1KM barrier.

Submarine Missions:

Underwater Enigma Image Always crash dive when the torpedo alarm goes off. (A depth of 17-20 meters is enough).

Always travel at 1/3 speed when you have enemies within the 4KM barrier (except for Tankers and Merchants).

Use your targeting binoculars and periscope at 2x as the main setting.

Hold your fire until the enemy warships are within 500-700 meters (except for Tankers and Merchants). I prefer to sink them at 100-200 meters because when they are that close they won't have time to evade. It's risky and you need some experience before you can pull it off in the later missions.

When aiming at enemy warships (except for Tankers and Merchants) make sure that your sub is turned to face the target. When you are at close range your torpedoes can't break out at an angle.

Periscope View When a warship is heading straight towards you, turn to face it, set your speed to slow or none at all, but don't kill your engines, you may need to crash dive. When it is as close as described above, force it to evade by sending a lone fish straight towards it. Watch the ship closely to see which way it turns to evade. Order your crew to pivot at full or flank speed in the same direction, then launch the needed torpedoes to sink the ship.

Remember to aim in front of it, how much depends on the range to the target.

With time and training you will learn to know which way it will evade, by looking at it's sail direction.

The rule of thumb is that it takes:

  • 1 torpedo to sink Tankers, Merchants and Subs.
  • 2 torpedoes to sink Corvettes.
  • 3 torpedoes to sink Destroyer Escorts.
  • 4 torpedoes to sink Destroyers.

Again, use only 2/3-FULL-FLANK when you need to evade enemy depth charges, bombs and hedgehogs, or you are in a hurry to get from point A to point B. Enemies can't detect you when they are 500+ meters away from you and you're traveling at 1/3.

Shooting at Tankers and Merchants:

In general they can be hit from any distance, since they don't have a torpedo alarm, warning them about incoming torpedoes, I have yet to see one that tried to evade.

The easiest way is when they are ~1KM away, but you can also sink them at much greater distances. On missions with no warships, you can even surface and take control over the deckgun and fine tune your skills.

Enigma has great voice recognition and a microphone is a must. Go get one, it allows you to steer/control/dive your vessel while using the targeting binocs / periscope.

Amazing Depth

Submarine Campaign – The refueling mission (Mission 2)

This mission was and probably still is by far the most difficult mission in the early days of Enigma. So I wrote this walkthrough to aid fellow Captains.

Dock to the ally sub and as soon as the message screen says "docking", then PIVOT so that you're facing the direction that the 3 CV's arrives from. (Zoom out on the map or tactical screen so you can see them). Then order FULL STOP and HOLD COURSE.

Tactical Screen Use your microphone and order "DEFEND AA GUNS". Then switch the mini-map to 4KM. As soon as you see the fighter planes approaching on the tactical screen or on the mini-map, mark one of them and order your deckgun engage it, to assist the AA guns. You have to click with the mouse on the deckgun icon in order for it to shoot at aircrafts. Maybe you get them all before it's time to part ways with your ally, but you don't have to shoot down the airplanes at all in order to win, so don't worry about them.

From time to time switch the tactical screen to max range. When you see the bombers approaching, then it's time get moving. Order AHEAD FLANK, RIG FOR DIVE & PERISCOPE DEPTH. When you reach periscope depth, order AHEAD 1/3, hold your course towards the the 3 Corvettes. Let them come close to you as I described above, sink them, you have plenty of time to do all 3 before the Destroyer Escorts comes within the danger range.

When you have sunk those 3 CV's, the DE's are so close to you that they can pick up you on their sonar, even when you're going at 1/3. So order AHEAD FLANK and PIVOT to find and face them. Wait till they are within a proper range, then sink them too.

Mission Complete

Remember to dive on incoming torpedoes!

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